Like Sodashi’s own Megan Larsen, jewellery entrepreneur Natalie Fitch; Founder of Natalie Marie Jewellery, combines her passion with purpose to handcraft bespoke, organically-inspired jewellery.

We spoke to Natalie about the driving factors behind her now-cult brand, her biggest ‘pinch me’ moment, her tips for budding entrepreneurs and practical wellness advice.

  • What was your inspiration for starting Natalie Marie Jewellery?

The biggest driving factor behind Natalie Marie Jewellery (NMJ) was simply to create. I didn’t have an end goal or distinct vision in mind, I just wanted to explore my newly acquired skill set (fresh out of studying) and experiment with materials and processes. NMJ really started with me creating one-off pieces just for the sake of making – creating pieces for family or friends in mind. This organic, explorative approach still underpins my design process.


  • What has been your biggest ‘pinch me’ moment throughout your NMJ journey?

The last three years have seen quite rapid growth of our team and studio, and the biggest pinch-me moment I have had so far came about when gathering our team of fifteen for a group photo in our newly custom-built retail space. Stepping back and seeing a room full of dedicated, passionate and talented people, who choose to spend their days pouring love and energy into our pieces and our customers was very humbling.


  • What are your tips for budding entrepreneurs? 

I think quite often people start out in business with just the end goal in mind; success. My advice would be to focus on the journey and the process. Inevitably, pursuing your passion and turning that into a successful venture is more often than not a long and challenging road. If you can’t find joy in what you do and value the challenges and lessons along the way, ‘success’ may elude you.


  • Which wellness or self-care activities do you incorporate into your everyday life? 

Self-care isn’t really my strong point in all honesty. Balancing work demands alongside being a mother is a dance I am still trying to master. I am lucky that for me, recharging my batteries comes from the simplest ‘nothing’ time. I am a true homebody and nothing makes me happier than a Sunday morning at home with no plans; just my little family, some hot tea, maybe some pancakes and a record playing.


  • What are your current Sodashi favourites? 

The Enzyme Face Polish which I use once a week and the Calming Rose Face Mist which saves me at this time of year when the cold, dry winter air hits.

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