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I have spent at least 15 years and thousands of dollars (don’t lie, we all waste money on skin-care in the hope that something will live up to what is promised) looking for a moisturiser that will leave my skin hydrated all day, be non-oily or greasy, will absorb quickly without feeling like I have something on, will work with my foundation and will last all day on my skin which ALWAYS gets oily in the T-zone…and finally, I have done it.


I went to Little Co in Byron Bay hoping that I could finally get a decent facial…what I didn’t expect was to find the Holy Grail in skin-care products. This is the only moisturiser that I have ever used that absorbs like a dream, never leaves a film or starts to feel greasy, my skin feels less oily and it seems to keep my skin more matte during the day but not in a drying way..it’s more my face isn’t as oily at 3pm, and my make up will last longer because I’m not constantly blotting it.

I am already onto my second jar (because everyone in the family keeps stealing my jar of amazement) and I know for a fact that even sensitive skin prone to redness will love this because my sister and mum both have sensitive and dry skin and this stuff has worked wonders…it’s natural, lasts for ages, its multi-purpose and it works.

If you need a miracle then Sodashi has you covered.


Discover our Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser here.

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