Sodashi is not just exceptional ingredients and extraordinarily unique formulas, we put our heart into everything we do and every interaction we have. We strive to create a working environment that people love being a part of, and a culture in which people can flourish.


We do the right thing always. Even when it’s hard, when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient, and even when nobody will know any better.


In every action, we aim to be thoughtful, respectful and sensitive. We care how people feel and consider the impact of our words and actions on others. We aspire to always surprise and delight. Sodashi exists because of its staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers. How we make them feel correlates to our success.


We are a small part of something bigger.  We remain teachable, knowing that we do not have all the answers. We serve others and exist for their good as well as our own. We are generous and helpful.


We use the finest natural ingredients sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner to formulate our products. We stand by the purity of our ingredients, and every single one is listed on the label.


We are always evolving as a business, as individuals and as a brand. There are no mistakes only lessons. We like to ask why, and look for better ways and better ideas that will move us forward.


At its core, Sodashi is nourishing. We believe that creating skincare in its most natural state is the finest nourishment for beautiful skin, intact with all of the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. Sodashi is about total health, it goes beyond nourishing the physical body, it nourishes the soul, the senses, the mind and spirit. Sodashi is alive with the intelligence of nature.

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