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Thank you to our beautiful customer, Kelly, for sharing her amazing experience with our acne-fighting Blemish Treatment.



I had a little skin reaction on my face that had been bugging me for near on two years. And I’d been using cortisone cream to treat it. All the while knowing that really, that was not a good long-term solution. Especially as it wasn’t fixing the problem! The cortisone would make it go away temporarily, but then it would come back (thus requiring more cortisone cream to make it go away again!).



There’s a long story that leads to the following, but the shorter version is this: I got myself some of the Sodashi Blemish Treatment, not really thinking it would do anything (because I mean, if two years of cortisone hadn’t cleared it up, a natural product surely wouldn’t). But the Blemish Treatment not only worked, but it also did so in less than a week.

I couldn’t believe it. First time I’ve not had to deal with this irritating (and unsightly) inflamed skin on my face in nearly two years! Am now, of course, kicking myself I didn’t go down this path sooner.


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